Welcome to Elemental Objects

What started out as a passion project has now developed into a brand. We set off to create high quality accessories for our rifles to help us in the field.

Using our knowledge and experience in both industrial design and 3D printing, the process has been extremely thorough. Dozens of designs to perfect, hundreds of samples to test and thousands of pellets put through their paces to provide not only products which work but products we are proud to put our name on.

Who is Elemental Objects?

Premium Industrial 3D Printing

Elemental Objects unlocks the potential in industrial 3D printing for key market sectors who stand to benefit from this exciting, high quality manufacturing technique. Based at Addition Additive Manufacturing, one of the UK’s most advanced industrial 3D printing facilities, EO’s products are designed, quality managed and proudly manufactured in-house from specially dedicated production facilities in Sheffield, England.

Elemental Objects Magazines Assembly

Utilising the latest advancements of the additive manufacturing industry in both machine and materials EO pushes the boundaries of product development over what has previously been expected from 3D printing.

Using our state-of-the-art SLS printer as well as our in-depth materials and design capability, each design is assessed and production is carefully managed to meet the latest ISO 9001 quality management requirements.

New products are in development with more exciting accessories hitting the shelves over the coming months. Magazines compatible with other manufacturers rifles, scope accessories, mounting and rail systems – Everything that EO does is advanced by design and has the materials and technology to deliver, limited only by imagination and design.


Primarily an additive manufacturing and 3D printing consultancy we unlock maximum value in the use of industrial 3D printing technology and additive manufacturing for our customers.

With a heritage in consultancy, additive design and manufacture we operate from a purpose-built design and manufacturing facility in the heart of UK digital manufacturing at the advanced manufacturing park in Sheffield. We consult on, design and supply components and products that benefit from high quality additive manufacture.

Additive design for manufacture demands a different approach  to take advantage of its true capabilities.

Together with our passion and knowledge of the sector as well as the ideal combination of exacting product and quality requirements, the professional air rifle sector is one that benefits significantly from the use of our industrial additive manufacturing capability. We have seen a growth in the amount of 3D printed parts available to the market and understand how the individuality and customisations that additive manufacturing can bring provide unlimited opportunities.

Our product offering currently includes Daystate and Brocock self indexing magazines and single shot trays, all available in all calibres. We are currently developing many more products and look forward to releasing them when they are ready for market over the coming year.

Our EO range of airgun accessories have been developed with quality, ease of operation and great value for money in mind and have been extensively tested.

Tom Fripp, Head of Design

We look forward to continuing to develop our range of products and always look forward to receiving feedback on our product’s performance so please, keep in touch with us!


Elemental Objects is based in a dedicated production facility at one of the UK’s most advanced manufacturing companies specialising in the development of premium industrial 3D printed components, products and devices. Our team work seamlessly with all aspects of Elemental Objects as well as other developments. If you have any questions, we’re happy to answer them so please get in touch.

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