Who is Elemental Objects?

Premium Industrial 3D Printing

Elemental Objects unlocks the potential in industrial 3D printing for key market sectors who stand to benefit from this exciting, high quality manufacturing technique. Based at Addition Additive Manufacturing, one of the UK’s most advanced industrial 3D printing facilities, EO’s products are designed, quality managed and proudly manufactured in-house from specially dedicated production facilities in Sheffield, England.

Elemental Objects Magazines Assembly

Utilising the latest advancements of the additive manufacturing industry in both machine and materials EO pushes the boundaries of product development over what has previously been expected from 3D printing.

Using our state-of-the-art SLS printer as well as our in-depth materials and design capability, each design is assessed and production is carefully managed to meet the latest ISO 9001 quality management requirements.

New products are in development with more exciting accessories hitting the shelves over the coming months. Magazines compatible with other manufacturers rifles, scope accessories, mounting and rail systems – Everything that EO does is advanced by design and has the materials and technology to deliver, limited only by imagination and design.

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